Epicenter Press Inc., Acquires Coffeetown Enterprises Llc., in Efforts to Expand Title Base and Reach
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Phil Garrett, President
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SEATTLE, WA; January 2, 2018 – Epicenter Press, Inc., announced today, the acquisition of Coffeetown Enterprises, LLC., which includes Coffeetown Press, Camel Press and Fanny Press imprints.  Coffeetown Enterprises was founded in 2005 and specializes in the publishing of mystery books and thrillers.  Coffeetown Press publishes memoirs, literary fiction, academic nonfiction, nonfiction, and literary mysteries.  Camel Press publishes genre fiction: mystery/suspense, romance, science fiction and fantasy, and Fanny Press publishes edgy fiction and quality erotica.  Coffeetown Press recently released (December 2017) “Parkinson Pete’s Bookshelves: Reviews of 89 Works of Fiction and Non-fiction Relating to Parkinson’s Disease,” by Peter G. Beidler.  

“We’re excited about the acquisition,” said Phil Garrett, president of Epicenter Press.  “This will allow us to publish in categories that weren’t currently represented in our line.  It will also allow us to increase our title base and reach of the company.”  Coffeetown Press, Camel Press, and Fanny Press will become imprints of Epicenter Press and will continue to publish in the same categories they currently represent.

Epicenter Press is most recognized for top titles on Alaska, including: “Two Old Women,” by Velma Wallis; “Good Time Girls of the Alaska – Yukon Gold Rush,” by Lael Morgan; “We fought the Road,” by Christine and Dennis McClure; “Denali Ranger,” by Lew Freedman; and “The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook,” by Kiyo Marsh, Tomi Marsh, and Laura Cooper.

Epicenter is an Alaska based publisher of books about Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and will continue to look for new works in those categories, however, the purchase of Coffeetown Enterprises will allow expansion into many other markets.  “We’ll continue to seek well-written, and compelling works, but now will expand to cover titles best representing those other genres,” said Garrett.  Submission guidelines can be found on the individual imprint websites. For submission guidelines to Epicenter Press go to www.epicenterpress.com/Home/About, for submission guidelines to Coffeetown Press go to www.coffeetownpress.com/submissions/, for submission guidelines to Camel Press go to www.camelpress.com/submissions/, and for submission guidelines to Fanny Press go to www.fannypress.com/get-published/.  Both un-agented and agent submissions will be accepted.
Epicenter Press, Inc., was founded in 1988 as a regional press publishing books about the arts, history, environment, and diverse cultures of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and is incorporated in both Washington and Alaska.  They have offices in Kenmore, WA, and Anchorage, AK, and have published nearly 200 titles covering a broad range of nonfiction, including: history, memoirs, biographies, adventure, aviation, humor, true crime, mystery and the unexplained, sled dog mushing, women’s stories, and Native American culture.  Aftershocks Media is a distribution arm for Epicenter Press and offers publishing services to authors who want to self-publish.  For more information contact: Phil Garrett, president, Epicenter Press, 425-485-6822, or by email phil@epicenterpress.com.
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You can follow both Epicenter Press and Coffeetown Press imprints on Twitter, Facebook, or on their websites: www.epicenterpress.com, www.coffeetownpress.com, www.camelpress.com, and www.fannypress.com.
New! Second Edition - A Guide to the Notorious Bars of Alaska

Announcing the release of the revised second edition of A Guide to the Notorious Bars of Alaska (ISBN: 978-1-935347-84-2, 5.5 x 8.5, 240 pgs, $18.95) a classic by Doug Vandegraft

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A must for history lovers and bar aficionados! Since A Guide to the Notorious Bars of Alaska was first published in 2014, eight of the bars that were described in the first edition have closed their doors forever. The revised second edition includes five additional bars that meet the criteria. Also added to the second edition are regional maps, and more historic photos and advertisements.

A Guide to the Notorious Bars of Alaska details the rich history and atmosphere of remarkable, one-of-a-kind Alaskan bars, many of which have been around since the end of Prohibition in 1933, and have become legendary in their communities and beyond as places to socialize, meet friends, come in from the cold, and sometimes as community centers or even as churches. Despite stricter laws regarding alcohol sale and consumption, Alaska's bars remain notorious in many ways.

The First in a New Mystery Series - Final Adjournment
Don Stuart, author of the landmark non-fiction book, Barnyards and Birkenstocks opens his new Washington Statehouse Mystery Series with a scream. In Final Adjournment (ISBN: 978-1-935347-78-1, 5.5 x 8.5, 190 pages, $15.95) the scenic campus of the Washington state capitol is outwardly calm, but the Legislature is in session and no one better understands the turmoil that swirls beneath the surface than professional lobbyist Sandy Dalton.

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"A great mystery right to the very end And the reader learns a lot about the intricacies of the legislative process. Loved it."
    --Ralph Monroe, former Washington Secretary of State

In the middle of a busy day, a powerful senator is found dead in his office with an antique Native American hunting knife in his chest. Sandy becomes the prime suspect in the case, having had an argument with the senator the morning of the murder and been the last to see him alive, but he isn’t the only one to have disagreed with the senator’s policies. The resulting tectonic shift in the political landscape turns the legislative world upside down.

As motives, conflicting testimonies, and hints of behind-the-scenes blackmailing add up, Sandy embarks on a struggle to clear his name. It seems almost everyone in Olympia politics has a stake and almost anyone could be the killer.