Coming this Spring & Summer: Plucky Lawyer-Sleuth Annie MacPherson is Back in Print
Annie MacPherson is returning to Seattle, available soon from Epicenter Press, and for the first time ever in digital formats. 
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Reviewers raved about Janet L. Smith's and the Annie MacPherson Mystery Series
"An intelligent heroine, a glorious setting, an ingenious murder and a romance that doesn't overwhelm the crime-solving procedures."
    --The New York Times

"A fully charactered, cleverly plotted, active and atmospheric thriller."
   --Los Angeles Times

"Blessed by Smith's scene-setting alchemy, her insight into character, and the immediacy and authority of her writing."
    --Kirkus Reviews

"MacPherson is a likable, smart-cookie heroine... there are just enough red herrings and unexpected twists to keep readers' interest"

"Swift-moving action, an efficient protagonist, and polished prose infuse the work with its infectious bouquet."
    --Library Journal

Exploring Alaska by Canoe and by Air: Down the Wild River North and The Flight of the Arctic Tern, by Constance Helmericks
Epicenter Press is delighted to republish six books that Alaskan author Constance Helmericks wrote during her years of roaming the Arctic. Updated with photos and prefaces from Alaskan author Jean Aspen, these stories of travel, exploration, and survival in the Last Frontier bring to life a time no longer seen in the far north as technology and advanced travel become a new way of life.

Down the Wild River North

In suburban Arizona, 1964, Connie Helmericks announced to her two daughters, 12-year-old Ann and 14-year-old Jean, “We’re going to make a canoe expedition to the Arctic Ocean.” And for two successive summers, that’s exactly what they did. Down the Wild River North is the vividly told story of their adventures in the remote northern reaches of the Canadian and Arctic, in a twenty-foot canoe, amidst a wondrous and vast landscape. A wilderness adventure, and a story of family bonds and spiritual renewal.

The Flight of the Arctic Tern

In June of 1947, Alaskan adventurers, Constance and Bud Helmericks, returned to the arctic wilderness in their first airplane. Originally published in 1952, Connie's fifth book, The Flight of the Arctic Tern, chronicles their lives from constructing a log cabin in the Brooks Range to flying the Arctic coast in search of their Inuit friends. Life is often precarious as the couple wanders northeast over polar islands, filming the nomadic peoples of this uncharted land for their first two documentaries. 

Connie's earlier books recount the couple's years spent trekking this unforgiving country by foot, dogsled and canoe. This complete edition of The Flight of the Arctic Tern includes a foreword by their daughter, Alaskan author Jean Aspen.

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Vignettes of the Pas and Empire Building: Two Classics from Beloved Northwest Author, Stewart H. Holbrook

Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People

From the brick-paved streets of Boston and New England, to the deserts of Arizona, to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, beloved author and columnist Stewart Holbrook takes his readers down uncharted paths in a series of delightful pieces. Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People is pure Americana that delves into the myths of unhackneyed and motley people, and the places they made famous. Interspersed among character bits are rich historical views of places, the author's own experiences in logging camps, and enthusiastic sketches of the near-extinct Yankee.

James J. Hill: A Great Life in Brief

James J. Hill, the "Empire Builder," (1838-1916) was a Canadian-American railroad executive with the Great Northern Railway, responsible for building railways across the northern US. Part visionary, part robber baron, part buccaneer, Stewart Holbrook brings his story to life, in brief, as well as the lives of the other movers and shakers in the railway scene of the times.

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