Trusting the River, Available Now
Announcing the release of Trusting the River, a new memoir from author Jean Aspen. (Paperback, 978-1-935347-69-9, 242 pages, $24.95.)

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Jean Aspen, daughter of Arctic explorer and author Constance Helmericks, began life in the wilderness. Throughout six decades, the natural world has remained central to her. What began as letters to their son, Lucas, when she and her husband, Tom Irons, set out to search for a different future, evolved over the seasons into many snapshots of her remarkable life. Seemingly random threads weave a tapestry of her journey, circling always back to the river that flows by their cabin in Alaska’s wild Brooks Range. In Trusting the River, Aspen closes the story of her mother’s books and her own early works, Arctic Daughter and Arctic Son.

From the Author

Childhood treks with my adventurous parents kindled a deep love for nature in me, and I spent my youth wandering Alaska’s remote Brooks Range. My first book recounts the hardships and beauty of those years in solitude. Arctic Daughter: A Wilderness Journey became a Reader’s Digest selection and is again available. My second book, Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream, tells of returning to share this life with my husband and our young son. Our documentary about gaining a foothold in the wilderness has been shown on PBS stations across the nation.

Wild sojourns patterned our ensuing decades. Gradually, we crafted several structures—each a hand-hewn work of art. Our lives became a form of art, in the log structures we built and the way we lived with the land. Kernwood, as we call our cabin, remained a sanctuary where life--wild and free--shaped each of us in ways that differed from our more domestic friends. Nevertheless, we needed to integrate these worlds and craft personal wholeness. Trusting the River is the story of three people who choose authentic lives, and of the pitfalls and shining gifts that come from following one’s heart beyond a beaten trail.

Now Available: the 40th Anniversary Edition of Jon Van Zyle's Iditarod Memories
Epicenter Press announces the release of Jon Van Zyle's Iditarod Memories: 40th Anniversary Edition.

As a painter and musher, Jon Van Zyle has immersed himself into Alaska's rugged outdoors and community. Twice he ran the famed Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and since 1979, he has been the race's official artist. In 2004 he was inducted into the Iditarod Hall of Fame. Mushing, wildlife, fishing and the mystique of Alaska are favorite subjects of his and are featured in many of his works.

Iditarod Memories is a celebration of beloved musher-artist Jon Van Zyle’s years of annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race posters. This 40th anniversary nostalgic collection includes Jon’s first 40 years of Iditarod posters, and, published for the first time ever, 40 years of limited edition lithographs. With stories written by his wife, Jona Van Zyle, each poster and print has many themes--encounters with wolves, treacherous frozen river, and blinding blizzards; the bond between mushers and dogs, village checkpoints, the role of women, the support of volunteers including the veterinarians and the Iditarod Air Force, and finally the thrill of crossing the finish line in Nome.

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($29.95, hardback, 168 pp., ISBN 978-1-935347-59-0, Full Color)

Available in Time for Halloween, Spirits of Southeast Alaska: The History and Hauntings of Alaska's Panhandle

Looking for something spooky to read this Halloween? Available now, Epicenter Press announces release of Spirits of Southeast Alaska: The History & Hauntings of Alaska’s Panhandle, by debut author James P. Devereaux.

Ghostly footsteps and flickering lights, a silhouette in the window of an abandoned building, a restless presence at the scene of a sunken ship, spectral wails and poltergeist theft of office supplies, mythical Native American legends, and other paranormal happenings scattered across the Alaskan panhandle come together in Spirits of Southeast Alaska, a grand adventure into the historical hauntings of the southeastern corner of the Last Frontier.

Author James P. Devereaux lived in Alaska for years, working as an archaeologist. Inspired by ghost stories as a child, and by accounts of Alaskan residents of paranormal phenomena in the area, he set out to collect both the ghost stories of Southeast Alaska and their history. Learn more at 

Spirits of Southeast Alaska: $15.95, 140 pages, softbound, ISBN: 978-1-935347-67-5
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