Amazing Pipeline Stories
Amazing Pipeline Stories How Building the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Transformed Life in America's Last Frontier

Author - Dermot Cole

In the 1970s, the world's largest construction companies invaded Alaska in a wild rush to build the 800-mile $8 billion trans-Alaska pipeline. Workers by the tens of thousands headed north, hoping to make their fortunes working on the pipeline, in a stampede that dramatically affected Alaska. With the avalanche of big money and new arrivals came new problems: drugs, prostitution, gambling, and violent crime. Rapid economic and social changes ultimately touched the lives of virtually every Alaskan. Nearly a quarter-century later, Fairbanks journalist Dermot Cole recalls the best of the pipeline stories with humor, authenticity, and drama.

"Amazing Pipeline Stories is well-researched and written."
    --Anchorage Daily News

"If you want to get a feel for the oil rush days in Alaska, Dermot Cole's book will do it."
    --Peninsula Clarion

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Category: History Suggested Price: 16.95 Release Date: 05/01/1997 ISBN: 978-0-945397-46-5 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 224