Alaska-Yukon Place Names
Alaska-Yukon Place Names

Author - James W. Phillips Imprint - Northwest Corner Books

Romantic history-filled names have long fired the imagination of every reader and visitor to the Northland. In Alaska-Yukon Place Names, author James W. Phillips takes the vacationing tourist, historian, and armchair traveler through the most memorable places in the Alaska-Yukon region. Since the most popular routes north to Alaska and the Yukon are the Marine Highway and the Alaska Highway through Canada, the entries of Alaska-Yukon Place Names include ghost towns, islands, waterways, mountains, and glaciers in northern British Columbia. Whether more interested in the scenery, the historic past, or the fabulous yarns connected with the area, you will be delighted by the colorful towns of Alaska and the Yukon: Poorman,  Shaman’s Village, Chicken and Eek, and will have no trouble imagining the mettle of those pioneers who traveled Moose Pass, shot Squaw Rapids, or panned in Pure Gold Creek. Published by Northwest Corner Books, an imprint of Epicenter Press.

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