Father of the Iditarod
Father of the Iditarod The Joe Redington Story

Author - Lew Freedman

Meet rugged, independent, determined, and hard-working Joe Redington, Father of the Iditarod, a man who found his destiny in Alaska. In an inspirational biography, Lew Freedman chronicles Redington's birth on the Chisholm Trail and his boyhood in the Depression--homeless, motherless, roaming the country looking for work. Alaska was his rebirth in 1948. On his own piece of dirt, a man could raise a family, hunt, fish, run dogs, and stand up for what he believed. Redington helped rescue Alaska dog mushing from extinction, creating a legacy in a thrilling thousand-mile race across Alaska, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.


"There's no one like Joe. He taught me... about what being an Alaskan is and how a true pioneer lives.
    --Susan Butcher, Iditarod Champion 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990

'If you're looking for a delightful book to read, Father of the Iditarod is one! There are many humorous stories about Joe that had me laughing out loud."
    --Alaska Women Speak magazine

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Category: Dog Sledding Suggested Price: 21.95 Release Date: 10/01/1996 ISBN: 978-0-945397-75-5 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 320