Iditarod Classics
Iditarod Classics Tales of the Trail Told by the Men & Women Who Race Across Alaska

Author - Lew Freedman Illustrator - Jon Van Zyle

Blinding blizzards. Freezing wind. Paralyzing cold temperatures. The 1,100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a race across the nation's most forbidding, demanding, and dangerous territory. Competitors must be resourceful, rugged, and resilient. Often they must make life and death choices. These are the stories--in their own words--of men and women who challenge the elements. Many fans believe this is the best book written about the Iditarod.

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Category: Dog Sledding Suggested Price: 13.95 Release Date: 10/01/1992 ISBN: 978-0-945397-12-0 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 136