Tlingit Indians, The
Tlingit Indians, The Observations of an Indigenous People of Southeast Alaska 1881-1882

Translator - Erna Gunther Author - Aurel Krause

In 1881, two German geographers were on their way to the continental United States from the Bering Sea Coast when they came upon a Native population in southeast Alaska that had formed a society far more complex than those of most other North American tribes. Upon return to Germany, Aurel Krause published "The Tlingit Indians." In it were rich, detailed descriptions of the Tlingit kinship system, societal structure, village and family life, customs and traditions, subsistence living, arts and crafts, mythology and shamanism, a language glossary, and an extensive bibliography. Aurel's brother, Arthur, sketched many of the illustrations. This enduring comprehensive resource offers the contemporary reader a glimpse into the history and traditions of an important Northwest Coast culture.

"The Tlingit Indians is one of the cornerstone of Tlingit ethnographic research and must be in one's library on the subject."
    --Peter L. Corey, Alaska State Museum Curator (retired)

The Tlingit Indians by a German observer, Aurel Krause, is among the earliest books on the Tlingits and is well-known for its valuable description of Tlingit life in the late nineteenth Century. It has been a classic for several generations. now, 128 years after publicatoion of the German first edition, and nearly 60 years after the Gunther translation, we welcome the new Epicenter Press edition."
    --Richard Dauenhauer, Pd.D., University of Alaska Southeast (retired)

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