Dead Man's Dancer
Dead Man's Dancer The Mechele Linehan Story

Author - Tom Brennan

Mechele is young, attractive, and looking to cash in on her aesthetic assets when she moves from New Orleans to Alaska in 1994 to earn money for college tuition. Her charms ensnare the affections of three men, and the combined effects of jealously, lust, and greed take a deadly turn in this true crime story. Before a murder in the woods shatters her contented life, Mechele works as an exotic dancer at the Alaska Bush Company, where she spends her days pleasing a procession of hard-working men. John, Scott, and Kent are simultaneously smitten with Mechele, and offer affection in the form of lavish gifts and ultimately engagement rings. While the three men begin their affairs on the same path, violent murder blasts apart their parallel lives. One of the trio is shot in the back; another is accused of the murder. Dead Man's Dancer follows this murder case from 1996 throughout Mechele's tumultuous trial in 2006 that becomes a nationwide sensation. Shocking in its detailed portrayal of murder and convoluted love affairs, Dead Man's Dancer excites horror in readers that lingers long after the last page is turned.

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Mrs. Linehan had a wild side. But, her neighbors never knew. Mechele Linehan was the doctor’s wife, a community activist, and the mother of a young girl, a good citizen. She loved birds and animals, sometimes rescuing stray pets and posting Lost Dog signs around her suburban neighborhood of Olympia until an owner showed up. She worked for several years as a compliance analyst for the Washington State Executive Ethics Board, the agency charged with enforcement of ethics laws governing Washington state employees.

Mechele’s husband Colin was a civilian physician with a family practice at nearby Madigan Army Medical Center. Mechele and Colin were preparing to go into business together with a medical day spa offering Botox treatments, laser hair removal, facials and massages.

Mechele was then an attractive 33-year-old woman who was well-liked by her neighbors, co-workers and fellow volunteers. She had raven-black hair, a model’s chiseled face, an impressive figure, and a warm personality that played an important role in her success both in the Olympia community and–as the world would later learn–in her past years as an exotic dancer. Colin was a handsome 35-year-old with dark hair, the cautious reserve of a professional physician, and the enthusiasm of a man who loves his wife. They were living the good life on Washington’s scenic Olympic Peninsula 60 miles from Seattle.

Then on October 4 of 2006, two Olympia police officers showed up at the Linehan door, looking for Mechele. A grand jury in Alaska had indicted her on charges that she murdered a man there ten years earlier. Colin told the officers that his wife was not at home. The officers told Colin he had one hour to produce her.

Category: True Crime Suggested Price: 12.95 Release Date: 07/15/2015 ISBN: 978-1-935347-16-3 Product Type: Paperback # Pages: 144