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Surviving Alaska
by Mary Ames, Foreword by Tim Mowry
Illustrated by Robert Parsons

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Product #: 7008
Price: $14.95
160 pages
Trade Paperback
5" x 8"
Pub Date: May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9790470-0-8
A GREEN BOOK; Text was printed on recycled paper with 100% post-consumer content.

This Book Could Save Your Life

One can only hope never to face the many life-threatening dangers and just plain annoyances that journalist, pilot, and outdoorswoman Mary Ames warns about in this how-to-stay-alive reference that is both useful and entertaining. You’ll learn …what to do if you find yourself in the path of an oncoming avalanche … what to do if your bush pilot keels over at the controls with a heart attack … how to forge a river without a boat … how to get your frozen car started with its 50 below zero…to name a few Alaska-style hazards.

“This book is for visitors as well as Alaskans. If you read these suggestions and prepare for your adventure, you are less likely to be injured and more likely to return safely.”
    --Larry Kaniut, author of Cheating Death and Danger Stalks the Land

“In Alaska, survival is all about being prepared. And even then, there’s no guarantee.”
    --from the foreword by Tim Mowry, outdoor editor, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary Ames set off for a life of adventure at 17. She hitchhiked around the Lower 48, and when that got old, she hopped freight trains. She avoided the paved path to college by picking vegetables in the fields of California, Waitressing, tending bar, trapping, hunting, fishing, cleaning houses, planting trees, working as a physical therapy aid and teaching children to swim. When her body started to give out, she returned to college and emerged with a degree in journalism. She lives in Alaska's Matanuska-Susitna Valley. She has survived life in Alaska, in the Bush, in Fairbanks and Southcentral since May, 1985.

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