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Alaska Travelers Sketchbook
by Gloria Sampson
Artist: Gloria Sampson

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Product #: 7015
Price: $7.95
64 pages
6" x 4 1/2"
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9790470-1-5

Georgia watercolorist Gloria Sampsonís earliest memories of Alaska were those of a teenager transplanted from Montana to the Alaska territory, where her father was a glass-blower making neon signs in Anchorage. Her memories of a raw, undeveloped territory were shaped by that experience. Returning to Alaska on a cruise more than 40 years later, Gloria sees Alaska, its people, and its natural beauty in a whole new light. She records her experience in the lovely ALASKA TRAVELERS SKETCHBOOK, a colorful, charming, and informative collection of sketches with personal observations of someone coming home again.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR & ARTIST: Gloria Sampson was born in Montana and moved to Alaska as a teenager. She graduated from Anchorage High School in 1959, the same year Alaska became as state. She attended the prestigious California Colleges of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, where she graduated with a BFA degree in Interior Design and remained in the San Francisco Bay area for many years pursuing her career. Today, Ms. Sampson resides with her husband, Lloyd, and their toy poodle, Monty, in a Victorian house in Columbus, Georgia. She is doing what she loves to do best--writing and illustrating her journals from their extensive travels.

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