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Seven Words for Wind (Out of Print or Out of Stock)
by Sumner MacLeish

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Product #: 7356
This Title (or Edition) is currently out of print or no longer available through Epicenter Press

Essays and Field Notes from Alaska's Pribilof Islands

"Aleuts have at least seven words for wind, most of which refer to strength..." So begins Sumner MacLeish's extraordinary account of life on a remote Alaska island far out in the Bering Sea. Carved by fierce winds and sudden storms, the Pribilof Islands are the summer breeding grounds for hundreds of fur seals and seabirds...are inhabited by wild reindeer striving to preserve their culture while making their way in the modern world. MacLeish's beautifully crafted prose invites us into a landscape and a culture like no other on earth.

"Few will be able to resist this hard-earned collection by Sumner MacLeish, who rejoices in the turbulent beauty of life on a fascinating island in the Bering Sea."
    --Diane Ackerman, author of A Slender Thread

"SEVEN WORDS FOR WIND is an easily read book...[and] I learned that a seemingly flawed life can be deeply privileged; that nature and her creatures live in a more reasonable, more complex world than I may ever know."
    --Independent Publisher Magazine

"SEVEN WORDS FOR WIND allows us a brief glimpse of a unique world that is as removed as it is close to our everyday lives...Reading it is akin to reading Thoreau's WALDEN for the first time."
    --Independent Publisher

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sumner MacLeish's love affair with Alaska's Pribilof Islands began in 1984 when she traveled there to produce a public-radio documentary about the commercial sealing industry. She currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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