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Fishing for a Laugh
by Lew Freedman
Illustrated by Sandy Jamieson

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Product #: 7674
Price: $14.95
160 pages
Trade Paperback
5 1/2" by 8 1/2"
Pub Date: 1998
ISBN: 978-0-945397-67-0

Reel Humor from Alaska

Fishing Alaska's streams, lakes, and salt water is often anything but a placid experience. Sometimes anglers are hapless players in what resembles a Keystone Kops comedy -- ducking flying hooks, dodging competitive bears, and diving into icy waters to retrieve runaway fishing poles. What people will do to catch a fish! Lew freedman has heard stories you would not believe. But who says fishing stories are truthful? Here's a collection of Lew's favorite wacky tales from the water's edge.

"Lew Freedman has captured some of the best and funniest stories the sport has to offer."
    --Wisconsin Bookwatch

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lew Freedman, an award-winning journalist and former sports editor for the Anchorage Daily News, now covers outdoor-adventure for the Chicago Tribune. He has written a dozen books about Alaska.

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