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Cold Crime
by Tom Brennan
Edited by Ian Shuler
Illustrated by Brian Sostrom

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Product #: 1441
Price: $14.95
192 pages
Trade Paperback
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
True Crime
20 illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9745014-4-4
A GREEN BOOK: Text was printed on reycled paper with 100% post-consumer content.

How Police Detectives Solved Alaska's Most Shocking Cases

COLD CRIME is a collection of stories about some of Alaska's high-profile criminal investigations of the past half-century. Step by step, journalist Tom Brennan walks readers through thirteen notorious cases, drawing details from the confidential files of Alaska police detectives who investigate murder, mayhem, crimes of passion and greed, and an amazing amount of criminal stupidity.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Massachusetts, Tom Brennan is a newspaper columnist who cut his teeth in journalism on the police beat.

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