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Character and Characters
by Robert J. Serling

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Product #: 5119
Price: $29.95
528 pages
6 x 9
30 pages of B&W photos
Pub Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-9332451-1-9
Published by Documentary Media

The Spirit of Alaska Airlines

This is the history of Alaska’s last legacy airline, Alaska Airlines, which transformed from a single-aircraft bush operator in 1932 to a major U.S. carrier serving a presentday network stretching from Barrow to Zihuatanejo and Boston to Honolulu. Character & Characters chronicles the unusual stories and colorful people behind this uncommonly independent airline.

Character & Characters captures aviation history in Alaska for those who love the flying machines, and, more important, it captures the spirit of Alaska Airlines for those who admire people
    --Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, president of The Museum of Flight

"Character & Characters" redefines the genre of airline histories. It is quite literally the only corporate biography worthy of an entire night in front of the fireplace. You'll close the book wanting more!
    --John J. Nance, aviation analyst, ABC World News

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Serling, the winner of numerous writing awards, is recognized as the deal of aviation history. He has written extensively about the aviation industry, including histories of North Central Airlines (now a part of Northwest Airlines), TWA, Continental, Eastern, Western, and American Airlines. Serling lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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