Epicenter Press Inc.

New and Recent Releases

Epicenter and Aftershocks Media new and recent titles:

Bering Sea Blues by Joe Upton
Boom Town Boy by Jack de Yonge
Dancing with Eternity by John Patrick Lowrie
Eskimo Star by Lael Morgan
Fishes & Dishes by Kiyo Marsh, Tomi Marsh, Laura Cooper
Going to Extremes by Joe McGinnis
In Search of the Kuskokwim by Stephen Spurr
Hooked Edited by Leslie Leyland Fields
Purely Alaska Edited by Susan B. Andrews & John Creed
Red Thunder by David Matheson
Salmon Patties by Marian T. Beck from Saltry Press
Snowflake Rebellion, The by Tom Brennann from Camel Press
Strategic Marketing Tools for Visual Artists by Janet Bloch from Bloch Publishing
Torn by Edited by Samantha Parent Walravens from Coffeetown Press
Two Gold Coins and a Prayer by James H. Keeffe II from Appell Publishing
Yukon Quest by Lew Freedman