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Fish Out of Water
by Arlene Lochridge

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Product #: 9319
Price: $17.95
356 pages
Trade Paperback
6" by 9"
44 photos
2 maps
Pub Date: June 2010
ISBN: 9781935359319
Published by Book Publishers Network, distributed by Aftershocks Media

From Seattle Socialite to Commercial Fisherwoman--Hazel Stone's Fishing Diaries from 1940s Alaska

She had never fished a day in her life, but newly married Hazel Stone and her equally inexperienced husband, Carl, headed off on the adventure of a lifetime--to earn a living fishing in Alaska.

Accustomed to the easy life of a "socialite" in Seattle, Hazel adapted with amazing resilience to the harsh conditions, mentioning only in passing such extremes of her situation as cooking with icicles hanging in the gallery, gutting and cleaning hundreds of fish, and endless rain.

Oh, and her husband seems to drink quite a bit, too.

Hazel's niece, author Arelen Lochridge, interweaves fascinating insights and adds historical perspective, including the effects of World War II.

Finalist - Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist - San Diego Book Awards

Get a glimpse of a rougher Alaska, where men and their families scratched out a hardscrabble living from the sea or the forest. Arlene Lockridge presents a gritty and very readable view of this earlier Alaska--tiny wilderness outposts, rough and tumble towns, and a remarkable woman dealing with a full plate of challenges.
    --Joe Upton, author of ALASKA BLUES

A Fish out of water perfectly captures the bygone era of America's last frontier--Alaska in the 1940s--through the eyes of one gutsy lady.
    --Tom Thompson, president, Anacortes Museum Foundation

A fascinating window into life as a commercial fisherwoman in the 1940s. The historical references to the Alaskan landscape and the nature of fisher people at that time reinforce my knowledge of the history of Alaska fishing.
    ----Corey Arnold, crab fisherman, Deadliest Catch, Discovery Channel

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Arlene Lochridge loves learning history, especially when discovered through one who has lived it. She holds a BA from San Diego State University and an MA degree from California American University.

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