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Raising Lucy
by Carol Muzik
Illustrated by Carol Muzik

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Product #: 6915
Price: $14.95
48 pages
11" by 9"
Pub Date: 2009
ISBN: 9780982026915
Published by Raising Lucy Studios LLC, distributed by Aftershocks Media

The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose

What would you do if an orphaned day-old Canada gosling appeared on your doorstep? That was the dilemma for Carol Muzik and her husband, Nick, as they set out to try and find the little gosling its real family and home.

Unsuccessful, they decided to keep the little duck safe until that day happened. When weeks turned into months, they realized the little gosling name Lucy had become part of their own family. They even had to teach her to fly!

This book is based on their true story of raising an orphaned Canada goose to its successful return to the wild.


"RAISING LUCY will warm your heart and delight children everywhere, awakening in us the long forgotten magical connection between humans and all living creatures."
    --Karen Anderson, author of HEAR ALL CREATURES and YOU CAN TALK TO ANIMALS

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carol Muzik, author and illustrator, lives with her husband Nick in North Idaho. Her love for animals is an important part of her life. The gift of raising Lucy inspired her to open an art gallery, publish a Lucy coloring book, and create an award-winning short film.

For more informtion, visit www.RaisingLucy.com.

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