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Sled Dog Racing and the Iditarod

Sled dog racing is Alaska's official sport.

No wonder one of our most popular titles is Father of the Iditarod: The Joe Redington Story, by Lew Freedman.

Other exciting Titles:

Sled Dog Wisdom Collected by Trish Brown
Father of the Iditarod by Lew Freedman     *Temporarily Out-of-stock
Iditarod Classics by Lew Freedman
Iditarod Dreams by Lew Freedman     *Temporarily Out-of-stock
Jon Van Zyle's Iditarod Memories by Jon Van Zyle
More Iditarod Classics by Lew Freedman
On the Edge of Nowhere by James Huntington
One Second to Glory by Lew Freedman
Honest Dogs by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue     *Temporarily Out-of-stock
Riding the Wild Side of Denali by Miki & Julie Collins     *Temporarily Out-of-stock
Spirit of the Wind by Lew Freedman