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Mommy, Are We French Yet?
by Shawn Underwood

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Product #: 6529
Price: $14.95
194 pages
Trade Paperback
5" by 7"
Pub Date: June 2010
ISBN: 9780615316529
Published by Five-Star Misadventures, distributed by Aftershocks Media

Tales of an American Family Living in France

With bravado, good humor, and just a smattering of French, a dauntless American family begins a year-long adventure living and absorbing the local culture, customers, and language in the South of France.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country for a year with your children, you will discovered in this book that it is no an insurmountable task, but it's made doubly rewarding when day-to-day chores and challenges are approached with humor.

Shawn Underwood moved her family, her husband and three kids, along with her sister's family to the South of France to experience first-hand the joys and frustrations of living broad.


Shawn's tips for travelers living abroad:

1. Leave all expensive and showy jewelry at home.

2. Represent the U.S. in a positive way. Be courteous, polite, and respectful of local customs and traditions as you encounter them.

3. Study the language of the country you are planning to visit.

4. Pack wash-and-wear clothing only. Buy whatever else you need when you get there.

5. Always have a set of earplugs handy for the plane, noisy hotel, or snoring spouse.

6. Eat half as much as you would like. Walk!

Take advantge of the Eurail System.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Bellevue, Wash, Shawn Underwood attended Washington State University, earning a bachelor's degree in speech and a graduate degree in audiology--fields that she notes "proved to be particularly useless in her future endeavors as a humor writer."

Over the years, Shawn held a wide variety of jobs, which gave her much fodder for her writing but little pay. She failed to make her mark as a strawberry picker due to her languid picking style and flipping burgers left her feeling greasy. She also served as an "under" maid to the rich and famous in a resort town where she served appetizers at Secret Service-staffed cocktail parties and picked up the dirty underclothes of important people.

Then, she found her calling--humor writing. She contributes regularly to several blogs. One of her short stories, "Mom Versus Computer," has appeared in two anthologies.

A resident of Seahurst, Wash., south of Seattle, Shawn these days divides her time between her office in her neighborhood Starbucks (the only place she can concentrate on her writing), her three children, two poorly behaved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, known as Mr. Big and Mr. Small, her long-suffering husband of thirty years, and her Red Cross volunteer duties.

Visit the author's website, www.ShawnUnderwood.com

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